Unique, Modern Dishes

As a modern fusion restaurant, we are confident we can satisfy your tastes with our wide range of menu items from ramen to bulgogi. Through our own research and development, unrestricted by traditional convention, we have been able to develop delicious novel dishes that are sure to please you and your loved ones. Our signature Bulgogi Miso Ramen mixes the sweet, juicy Korean-style Barbecue with the savory, rich miso broth. Our Bulgogi Bun combines the warm, soft classic Chinese Bao Buns with the sweet, savory Korean Bulgogi, delivering a feathery, yet filling goodness.









Authentic Asian Cuisine

Though we offer variety, we also serve the same traditional, authentic dishes you know and love with the same depth and complexity of flavor as that of the original. Our chefs are trained in authentic Korean, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine, and our kitchen is filled with tasteful sizzles and steams you can rest right into. Explore our authentic dishes under each menu category today – our staff will be more than happy to assist you to learn more.

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Cozy For Body And Soul

A cozy, warm Asian Bistro specializing in ramen, teriyaki, and bao buns, offering steamy, savory bowls of ramen as well as juicy, rich barbeque at low prices. Come to relax and enjoy authentic Asian cuisine with your loved ones in one of our warm, inviting rooms.

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Our Customers Say...

Wow so good noodle, just like LA ramen. The broth and meat are perfectly flavored, not salty at all. Generous portion and good service. I tried many other ramen and this is my favorite.


(...) I'm from Hawaii and have traveled to Japan for business and let me tell you, not sure where they get the Ramen Noodles from but OMG it's amazing. This place is a must for those that have had Great Ramen in their past and seeking to rekindle the enjoyment of Ramen. Our new Favorite place. Go hungry because the Ramen alone will definitely fill you.


I went because it was newly opened. the people working there were really friendly, the Ramen was delicious, and the atmosphere of the store was so clean and neat. I'll be going there often.