About Rateba

In June of 2022, we at Rateba Grill and Ramen opened in Pan Am Shopping Center with a motto to serve welcoming, diverse Asian cuisine. Our aim is to provide a different, unique experience for our customers, serving a mixture of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese food at high quality for affordable prices. With our carefully tested signature dishes and authentic cuisine, we aim to serve a tasty experience for those seeking any form of warmth.

Our welcoming staff members seek to serve beyond warm dishes – we are committed to making your dining a delightful, cozy rest for your stomach and soul. Our philosophy lies with our dishes – mirroring the warmth of our food to the smiles we bring to the tables. Our wooden interior was designed with comfort in mind, decorated for a place where you can always stop by for cozy, relaxing dining experience. The warm wood that wraps our interior creates a natural, delicate atmosphere of a traditional Japanese home – expanding the warmth of our freshly made Asian cuisines to the senses beyond taste.